ConvertXtoDVD Not working at all

I have using ConvertXtoDVD and it has usually worked fine. Until recently I burnt an .avi file and put it in my PS2 and it says TV System doesn’t match, and when i put it in my regular DVD player it plays but the screen is blank and no sound. I’m assuming its a PAL/NTSC problem, PLEASE HELP A_SAP I NEED TO BURN THIS DVD VERY VERY SOON

Hard to help when you are not giving proper info.
If it is PAL/NTSC problem - set CxD to same system that you use on your TV.

I have, thats why this is catching me off guard



Man, why is everyone so in a rush !

If your such in a hurry, run quick to the store and go buy the movie :bigsmile:

Anyway, without a full conversion log, and full burn logs, no one has a crystal ball, and has no idea what is going on :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2 are REAL PICKY players (It seems)…

If you don’t use 1st Class media and burn slow, it seems you will have all sorts of problems !

what do u mean by first class media
well i got it to burn, it plays on my PS2 video and sound fine, it just tends to skip, a lot, every few seconds actually
But when i put it in my DVD player, the picture is fine, but the sound isn’t working


Skipping and freezing are usually caused by cheap media quality, and/or burned too fast !

I know, I burned it on the slowest setting, and this video file has been burned by other people I have talked to with the same program and no problems. I’m also now not understanding how it half plays on my PS2 and only the picture on my regular DVD player

Connorrrr: if you want help you MUST provide more info!
CxD log is needed for analyze.

so burn it again and give you the log?
how do I save the log

Conversion log can be found here: C:\Documents and Settings<User>\Application Data\VSO\ConvertXtoDVD.log