ConvertXtoDVD - Music Videos

Afternoon all

I am putting a bunch of music videos into ConvertXtoDVD, the ‘No Menu’ option - which should play right through the videos, one after the other, then stop when it finishes the last one.

My problem is when I put it in my car’s DVD player it will play right through the first time, but if you skip a video or anything like that, it will finish playing that video, then jump back to the start of the disc (to video 1).

Any ideas why it is doing this?

I have tried doing it with different menu options etc but the same thing happens. It’s not the DVD player, it will play normal DVDs etc fine.

Is there another program I can try that will make a DVD format disc with each video as a chapter, and will play right through?


I tried using my regular program for conversion and making dvds, which is AVStoDVD. With a menu, it allows you to select each individual title and play it, but once finished with the first title, it goes straight back to the menu. Without a menu, you can play the videos in sequence, and you can skip forward by chapters within each title, but you cannot jump to the next title.

So that doesn’t really help with your situation, as the individual titles won’t be seen as chapters.

I haven’t used ConvertX for a very long time, and then only as a trial. Are you able to set chapter points where you want them? Or are chapter points only put in by set time divisions?

If I had to do this, I’d probably join the videos together. If the videos are not all the same resolution, frame rate, and using the same video and audio codecs, then you might need to convert to dvd-video compliant mpeg2 first, then join them. At that point you bring them into your dvd-authoring program and set the chapter points for the beginning of each video.

This will give you one title in the dvd-video, with only chapter points to select each one. If your program can make a submenu for chapters, this would help when you need access to one specific video.

Joining mpeg2 one to another can be an issue. Its not the best for this and can lead to video/audio sync issues. Which is why I’d join [B]before[/B] conversion if at all possible. Most music videos seem to be .flv format, and if this is true concerning yours, you could use Andy’s FLV Joiner to combine them:

For joining mpeg2 together? Good question. AviDemux might be able to do this with the Append function, but I’d probably use VideoRedo since I own this program and it is much better at working with mpeg2. And I’d build the new dvd-video with specific chapter points for the individual videos in a pure authoring program. Mine is fairly expensive though. Called DVDLab Pro.

ConvertX may have all you need for authoring…I’m just not familiar with its capabilities.

I’ve used DVDFlick for a bunch of YouTube .flv’s to a DVD but I wanted a menu so I can’t say it would work better.
These are settings DVDFlick has available even without a menu.
I’m posting it to ask does ConvertX have any similar settings you could try.
If not you might want to give DVDFlick a try.
One note 48 is the max amount it will do. Of course less if there isn’t room.

This is becoming a royal pain in the backside.

ConvertX has one video as one chapter.
When you choose to have a menu it has options like Loop Playback, Play one title after another, etc
Even with any combination of those it does the same thing. It’s confusing me.

I’ll grab a screenshot of the options and post tomorrow.
And I’ll try DVDFlick.

In the meantime, I have to remember to press next before the song ends, so it doesn’t jump back to the first video again!

Just curious are you watching the videos on your car player ?
If not you might just convert them to .mp3’s & create a Data CD.

To clarify the YouTube DVD I created with DVDFlick has a menu because that is what I wanted. I no longer have a car with a DVD player so I can’t check to see how it plays on one. If memeroy serves it just played on through. I’ll get it out & see what it does on a standalone DVD player.
Since the DVDFlick settings in the screenshot above aren’t in the menu settings I assume they are for with or without menu. I haven’t created a non menu DVD of YouTube .flvs . I may give it a try to a DVD RW.

It is in my car, yes.

I don’t mind if it has a menu, as long as they will play one after the other without me having to select them. I used no menu in ConvertX to see if it would work better than with a menu, which it didn’t…

Ya know, I didn’t even think of making a data disc - face palm moment.
I’ll try that.

I forgot to get a dang screenshot, but this here was on google, shows the options you have when using a menu. Not that they seem to matter in my case.