ConvertXtoDVD multi-audio ogm/mkv with subtitles?

I have version 2.1.12 which is the latest out… I load an MKV in which i know has dual audio/subs and works fine in zplayer… then in ConvertXtoDVD it says it has no subtitles?? Same with OGM files and i’ve done this with SEVERAL files but none have their subtitles detected…

It’ll copy both languages fine though and everything, but i kinda need the subs for the alternates.

Any ideas how to get ConvertX to do this, or failing that, a program which will?


Please post full conversion (Failed too) logs, so we can get all the details on the input files.

v2.10 and v2.12 are still having issues with some .MKV files, there are old bugs, but the fix is still in developpement (Not Resolved Yet).

Hopefully several of those .MKV files issues will be fixed in the next release.

Well there isnt really much to post for logs… I open ConvertXtoDVD… then I open the .mkv file in it (usually drag/drop style if it matters, but I’ve tried other ways too). It opens fine, it lists two audio streams (oddly both are labeled English but they play fine… One English, the other Japaneses, default setting probably). But nothing listed for subtitles so encoding is kind of pointless since i know already at that point it wont have the subtitles.

Identical happens for ogm files.

Worst case guess I can just hold out until the next version comes out and just stick to my normal avi files and such which don’t have subs built in as an extra track.


Have you tried tried to manually add the subtitles? what happens?

As in export the subs from the file then put it in manually? Haven’t tried that yet, i imagine it probably would work. Kind of defeats the point of embedded subtitles though ^^;

No it is me, I didn’t understand correctly. Would you be willing to passe one of these to VSO? It seems to me it would be important for them to be able to detect the subtitles correctly. (No version has ever done this for you correctly?)

I’ve only recently started using the program so I only tried with .10 and .12 versions so no, guess no version has ever worked right on this ^^; Like Couger said though, it could be a known issue with mkv/ogm format, not to mention various subtitle formats they have to make it recognize.

Full log would show what filetypes CxD finds from your subs and movies.
Then we can tell if that is the same problem or is it something else.

I’m having trouble with convertXtoDVD. I convert and the sound & sub is accurate but the video is off.

I took a screenshot of the details:

Every mkv file I load says frame rate is 23.98 & the audio 29.97 FPS. Why is that? Is that the problem? How do I fix this?

Have you tried with the latest version 2.1.14?

I have this same problem with MKV, though I can’t get OGM files to work at all. ConvertX runs about 3 seconds after I press CONVERt and then stops saying it converted successfully. That’s for the OGM files.

For MKV I wasn’t having trouble for a while, but I recently tried to convert some MKV with Dual Audio MP3, and the sound is out of sync with the video. I add subtitles manually, which match the sound, but of course not the video. On top of that, I’ve been converting MKVs for a while with no problem – 4 200mb files usually take an hour and 15 minutes. NOW, it starts at 20 hours, goes up to 30, then to 45 hours!!! Yeesh.

I can’t see that these MKV are different than others I’ve tried. They don’t have h.264, which some people say complicates things.

Any help greatly appreciated (that, or give me a good program to convert MKV to AVI. I use AlltoAVI, but I get a sound sync problem there too! RiverPast isn’t any better. Same thing. Plus, RiverPast only uses the first audio segment, which isn’t the one I want.)

Besides this minor bitching, ConvertX is still the best out there. Hope there’s any update soon to resolve the MKV thingy. I was delighted when it added that format. OGM, though. What’s up with that?

-Dr Sleep

Issues with mkv are neverending story due fact that mkv is container that is still under development.
It can hold almost anything inside it, and some groups are constantly changing their codecs to newest ones.