ConvertXtoDVD mpeg files

Hey guys!

First of all, i will try to speak english correctly, 'cause i’m portuguese! :smiley:

My problem is:

I’m trying to create a DVD with menus with this program (ConvertXtoDVD) from VOB files created by DVDShrink.

But when I click CONVERT the program give me the next error:

and the conversion stops.

Can you help me?

I hope that you have understood me…

Thanks :wink:

Your original might be encrypted.
Try using DVD Decrypter or similar to process those vobs before conversion.

ok, i’ll try. Tomorrow i post the results :wink: Thanks

nop, i’ve used DVD Decrypter to decrypt the same film, the same DVD, and the error continues…

I think it is a problem of codecs… But I can’t resolve it!!



Get GSpot and check that file with it, paste results here.
It should reveal codec problems.

It is a codec problem, indeed… But, how can i find the codec i haven’t on my pc?

I have K-lite codec pack MEGA instaled on my pc.


Ok, i’ve already instaled the codec, GSPOT said that the codec has instaled, but ConvertXtoDVD gives me the same error…

What a F*ck…


This sounds stupid - but on some systems you simply can not play DVDs (.vob-files) without installing software player.
Any player should do, like WinDVD, PowerDVD etc.