ConvertXtoDVD - movie split into two avi's


I am trying to convert my movie to dvd using ConvertXtoDVD…however my movie is split into two 700mb avi files…e.g CD1 and CD2

I tried adding both files but they seem to show up as two seperate files on the dvd menu.

I would obviously like them to be played together as one whole movie…should I join the files first using something like virtualdub and then add them to ConvertXtoDVD…thanks

If you select “sequential playback” then those files are played right after each other.
There is very small delay but that is usually unnoticeable.

I’d join them with Vdub personally.

Had a look and it looks beyond me!

It goes - Open video file, Append segment, Video Options - check Direct Stream Copy, save as …

the sequential playback thing did the job for me fine thanks

Was curious…does VDub solve the pause problem? In the past I’ve used VOBMerge to join two movie files which solved the pause problem but caused other problems like using the fastforward or next chapter feature and the player would get lost trying to work properly. if I just let the movie play all the way through without pausing or trying to revesre or forward it played fine. Do movies joined with VDub do the same thing?

What’s the sequence when the two avi/mpeg files are encoded with different audio bitrates?

Been trying to figure it out with virtualdub but can’t get it right.

Thanks alot

:slight_smile: hi VanZan,
the right way of doing it is if the movies you are trying to convert to dvd format are split into two files you are going to need to join them frist if the movies are Divx AVI’s movie file you are going to need to use (nandub) to join your movies not (virtualdub) and you are going to need to do this to join them then

  1. Open NanDub and select File —> Open Video File —> Choose CD1.AVI
  2. Now select File —> Append AVI Segment —> Choose CD2.AVI
  3. Video —> Select Direct Stream Copy (same for Audio too)
  4. File —> Save as AVI
  5. Should take about 2 minutes to join the two together

and then convert the movies to dvd format useing covertxtodvd that work for me always (remember virtualdub can not join split movie files if they are Divx AVI’s you need nandub) i got mines from here hope this helps

You only need Nandub if your .avi uses VBR (Variable Bit Rate) on the audio. This is technically outside of the spec, but a lot of people use it because of a loophole that allows it to work. Nandub is based on an old version of VirtualDub, but the official VirtualDub author won’t support VBR audio in case that loophole gets closed in the future.

Get the latest Virtualdub, as that can go from VBR to supported formats without having to save the audio out separately. Then what you do is:

  1. Load the first file.
  2. Set the video as “direct stream copy”
  3. Set the audio to “full processing” and choose your audio codec and settings.
  4. Save the avi out.
  5. Follow the steps 1-4 above for the second .avi.
  6. Change the audio settings to “direct stream copy”.
  7. Load the first fixed file you made.
  8. Append the second file you made.
  9. Save the file out.

Basically you pre-process both halves of the movie to give them the same audio bitrate, and then join them together as described in previous posts.

All very good answers here. However, I do this all the time and I have noticed that the two AVIs are not always using the same metrics. Let me explain. One may be a different in resolution than the other video or even CODEC and audio parameters may be unequal.

This is what I do:

(1) When I download my CD1 and CD2 in uTorrent, I boost the priority of the CD1 to HIGH, while CD2 is being downloaded at NORMAL. This makes CD1 ready before CD2 is finished.

(2) I start converting CD1 to a DVD, while CD2 is still downloading. They are happening in parallel.

(3) When CD2 is downloaded, I convert CD2 to a DVD.

(4) I glue the two pieces together using DVD2ONE, and I use the option called SEEMLESS JOIN (Its the buttonwith a double plus sign). I end up with a chapter mark at the CD2 demarcation with perfect join.

(5) The gued toether movie is also compressed, if needed, because DVD2ONE is also a shrinker and everything is perfect as the final DVD.