Convertxtodvd menus

Hello, I am an amatuer director.

I have not purchased this software yet. But am thinking about it. I burned a home movie of mine and everything turned out fine. I was just curious, is it possible to create sub-menus on the dvd. Like the main movie can be on one “link” (i guess if you want to call it that) and on the second link it could go to a special features menu or even a picture gallery of some kind.

Thanks for the help in advance. Anything is appreciated.

Hi there,

The current version of ConvertXtoDVD will create 1 level menu.

You can decide how many entries per pages, but that’s it for now.

Unless you know other video software that can generate menus, then re-author the whole new DVD, you probably can.

I do not know such software or know how to do it !