Convertxtodvd - menu problem



i am using the latest software, and am trying to put a jpg photo to the backround of the dvd. i click on the plus sign next to menu and then change the name to whatever the movie is called, and then click on backround, and insert my own pictire. I leave everyting ele checked ie. auto start playback, loop playback, and sequential playback. am i supposed to b doing something else, cause when i pop the dvd io my dvd player it doesn’t even recognize the menu, it just starts playing the movie. any ideas as to why this happens will be greatly appreciated.


…i realize that things may be a little hard for you what with the mental deficiency and all… but i think it may go straight to the movie because you have AUTO START PLAYBACK on… i dunno… maybe you could try pressing the MENU button on your dvd player remote? -.- jesus dude use common sense, please… this was just idiotic…