ConvertxtoDVD manual chapter setting?

Hi all,

just trying out how to set manually the chapter points in the project
which is suposed to be burned.
In the VSO key features they say:

Create Automatic chapters or edit your owns !!

Ok, I can set the chapters every 5 min. or so or not - but
I could not find out how to set them of my own acording to the scenes
like in MV4 or Nero Vision Expr.

May be somebody has an idea if it is posible

Use preview window to check times for chapters.
Then add chapters to correct time.
Select “add chapter” , enter time to window, press TAB to get that time correct and “add”.

I didn’t get add specified time to my chapter.
Somebody help me?

Do exactly as I wrote.

Select “Add chapter”,
select time with mouse, write wanted time, press TAB and OK.

I try do this but I didn’t get. The program don’t accept the value that I put. It’s return to a exact value.

Ow man, Finally I got put a time that I wanted. This way is correct? Isn’t there problem? Well, I’ll try to convert.
Thanks man