ConvertXtoDVD - Making Chapters

Hi, I had a question about the ‘chapters’ option on ConvertXtoDVD. I am trying to convert 3 separate avi files to one DVD. The only option it shows to make chapters is to ‘Insert Chapter every’ or ‘For Videos Longer Than’.

Each file is a separate length and all I would like to accomplish is a different chapter for each file. It seems like this would be very easy to do.

Any input or help on this is very much appreciated.
Thank you,
-DVD burner Dude

Hi there,

Each files will not become a chapter, they become a [B]title[/B].

Chapters are created within each files.

Video 1 (34 minutes) = Title 1 and 6 chapters (By default each 5 minutes)
Video 2 (23 minutes) = Title 2 and 4 chapters

Most DVD players have a “Next Title” and a next chapter to jump ahead or jump back 5 minutes within 1 title / video.

Does that clear it up ?

Ahhhhhh…yeah, that clears it up completely. So when I burn 3 separate avi files, they will become 3 separate titles on the same DVD…and then I have the option of increasing the chapter length within the titles.

Thank you very much cougar.
=DVD Burner Dude

Does anyone have the problem of the player skipping chapters sometimes? It did that to me a couple of times…