Convertxtodvd Latest Version

Ok i had the previous version of convertxtodvd and always used it so it went to the default blue menu on the dvds when burned.

I formated my pc and reinstalled the newest version of convertxtodvd with the same set up to display menu first

Well not it goes to the menu which displays Chapters and Play, BUT it wont let you click on Play or Chapters to do anything its just stuck on the Menu screen

However if you change the settings to start playback automatically the dvds will play file.

I like having the menu as i can throw i nthe movie then do something till im ready to sit down and watch.

Anyone have a similar problem? Any ideas what i can do to fix i t?

Hmm am i the only one here

I use the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD3 frequently. Use this link and download the program again, maybe you got a corrupt download the first time. I have no such issues and I always make a menu for my movies, just finished one of my sons baseball season.