Convertxtodvd, jerky playback and audio dropouts on PS3

I’m using convertxtodvd to convert avi files to dvd format, when I play the resulting dvd files on my PC they play fine, when I burn them to a DVD+RW and play them on the PC they play fine, when I play it on my PS3 I get very jerky playback and sound dropouts all the time. Any idea what could be causing this (apart from a dodgy PS3 which plays blu-ray discs just fine and other dvds fine as well)


Well… if it works fine on PC (and DVD standalone) then there is nothing wrong with disc.
PS2 is known to be really picky, I suppose PS3 is even worse…

The worrying thing is though that I updated to the latest version of convertxtodvd last weekend and this has only been happening since then, previously on the old version it played back fine on my PS3.

Old version?
How old?

Changes on latest versions are minimal, mostly bugfixes on video and audioformats and they are not affecting burning or fileformat.

Maybe you are using -R disk and forgot to check [x] prefer SAO ?

Gone back to the old version ( and everything is fine again now, very strange! I’m using DVD+RW discs


Without a full conversion/burn logs, we can’t see what’s going on.

As mentioned above, the burn engine barely changed since v2.00

The new version fixed some conversion issues, so I don’t understand why the old version would work and not the latest one.

All I know is PS2 are real picky players.

People with success use 1st class media (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden) and burn slow. 2x (2.4x) or 4x MAX.

My 2 cents…