Convertxtodvd issue



i am new to all this, my friend just recently got me into the downloading movies online and burning them to dvd. he got me all the programs i need, including flashget and converxtodvd. i downloaded my first movie yesterday, pineapple express, and when i checked it on my computer it looked fine. then when i converted it using convertxtodvd it cropped out the right and left sides of the screen. for example, during the opening credits when the names are running on the sides of the screen instead of saying SETH ROGEN it says ETH ROGEN. i could tell immediatly when i turned it on that the picture was a tad ‘stretched’. so it cuts out roughly an inch of the screen. the movie is entirely watchable, but little shit like that drives me insane. has anyone encountered this problem and successfully fixed it? i have read a lot of things about ‘normal’ tv cropping and how you lose some of the movie, and im willing to accept that but this isnt normal. can someone help me out?? and if this is posted in the wrong section maybe someone can point me in the right direction. thank you

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This post is in the right sub-forum but this one below is not. Thankyou for posting and have a great holiday.