ConvertXtoDVD Issue

Running the latest version of CxD. I have a one hour AVI file which was captured by Windows Vista from a Digital 8 camcorder. The captured file plays fine with Media Player. However, CxD completed its conversion process at approximately 35 minutes, therefore dropping about 25 minutes.

I went back and looked at the avi file with Media Player and there is a slight jitter at 35m.42s into the tape. I’m not sure why CxD assumes this is the end. The log tells me this:

warning Estimated Duration of the video was inaccurate. Output size may greatly differ from target size.
2/10/2007 6:31:57 PM info Generated duration 2082.97 sec., expected 3681.51 sec.

There are no other warnings or errors. I would think since Media Player can player through the file without any problems, then CxD could convert as well. Any ideas?

Playing video file is totally different than converting it.
Player can skip problematic parts and continue playing if it finds something to play after that problem.
Converter can not skip that - it stops converting when stream is broken.

TMPGenc DVD Source Creator didn’t have a problem converting the same file to mpeg2.


Write to VSO directly and propose sending them your file, maybe that way they can find a solution. You can write VSO via their website or you can write directly to: claire @ (without the spaces) explaining your case.

I already had a case open with them and they have requested a sample of the video. I’m awaiting ftp instructions from them.