Convertxtodvd help



i was wandering if there is a way to convert dvds using convertxtodvd without burning them straight to disc, ie. convert 3 or 4 different movies but not burn them, so i can burn them at a later date. Also how would i go about burning them when they are converted, will i be able to use convertxtodvd or will i need different software? thanx.


Yes you can.

Save the DVD structure on hard drive or burn it to a blank DVD

Probably burn with Nero, Imgburn, etc. Depends on the outputted file. I can’t remember what it is offhand.


Welcome to cdfreaks [I]kellyfelly.[/I] :slight_smile:

Let’s hope its in *.avi, *.mp4, *.ogm or *.mkv, othervise we’ll all be in a big troubble… :smiley:

Joking aside, you can choose (in convertX to DVD, or the other way around) what file extension you prefer. :wink:

[I]kellyfelly, [/I]ofcourse you can save compressed movies to “file”. But I would advice you to use some of the guides [with freetools] at our forum and save them to DVD’s.