ConvertXtoDVD Help

hey i wanted to try this software so i downloaded the trial software and when i start the program my computer suddenly freezes. I have a AMD Athalon XP 2800+, with 512MB Ram. Can anyone help me?

Hi there,

You did not give us lots of info other than it freeze your PC.

Based on the info we have, PC freezing = Computer / CPU / Motherboard getting [B]too hot[/B], since video conversion is very CPU intensive.

hi all,
new to this so dont know wheer to put up new questions.
Also new to downloading movies and burning them to dvd.
my housemate bought vso convertxtodvd after using the trial version. he gave me the code so i unlocked mine as well.
problem is, the dvds he burns play on my playstation 2 but the ones i burn, dont. i have made sure all the settings are the same and are using the same dvds (from the same pack).
anyone have any idea, id be very grateful.

That’s not very legal is it, so really cannot be answered here.

Are you using the same types of dvd’s (eg + vs - types) or brand as the ps2 doesnt like some copied dvd’s