ConvertXtoDVD Guide: AVI DivX XviD MPG to DVD with menu, subtitles

I have converted some avi ang mepg files to dvd using VSO ConvertXtoDVD.I had set all options to same as source files.The dvd is playing well on my computer but when I load it on my Yamakawa DVD-218 DVD player it says no disc.What could be the problem?Another query,my dvd player plays movieclips in mpeg format;it does not plays avi files.How to convert the avi files to “movieclips” without any loss in quality so that I can play these clips on my dvd player?

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Without a full conversion log, we cannot guess what happenned.

If you live in Europe and need PAL, force the output to PAL.

If you use Automatic you may end up with an NTSC DVD, so good if you need PAL.

How to convert the avi files to “movieclips” without any loss in quality so that I can play these clips on my dvd player?

What are movieclips ?

Just load them ConvertXtoDVD and convert them to a DVD :confused:

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9/24/2006 7:16:04 PM info NTSC 29.97 FPS output format set automatically

You have the Video Standard set to [B]Automatic[/B].

It should be [B]set (Forced)[/B] to PAL or NTSC.
You can change this is the settings :iagree:

I assume you need PAL (Europe) since it came out NTSC and you had issues :slight_smile:

Movie Clip is just a description for your .MPG file.

ConvertXtoDVD will convert all those .MPG, .AVI etc…

My DVD player can handle both NTSC and PAL formats.So why is it not reading the DVD?Also what is the difference between .mpg and .mpeg video files?If my DVD player is reading .mpg files,can it read mpeg2 files.Lately my DVD burner is not recognizing CD RW or DVD RW discs,therefore I am not able to test in a DVD RW disc.Also I thought that avi filles are larger than mpg files.Whan I converted an 60MB avi fille to mpg format it became 150 MB.So how can I convert an avi file to mpg format without loss in quality? Thanks.

Hi there,
I converted the same video files with setting set toTV Type - PAL and burned the DVD folder as a data DVD with NERO with 8X speed.My DVD Player is now recognizing the disc and playing ok.I think it would also work ok if I burn it with
ConvertXtoDVD.Thanks again, specially to cougar_ii.

Thank you for this guide.

My question (reviving this thread from the dead) is,
I have a dozen AVIs I would like on a dvd, yet the menu option allows, at most, 10 per page. Does this mean that it will present me with more than one page, so by selecting six, I will have two pages with six menu items each?

Thanks in advance!

Can someone please tell me what setting I have to have ticked so that convertxtoDVD joins a film that is in 2 parts eg cd & cd 2… :rolleyes:

Many thanks :bow:


I have Death Proof and Planet Terror and I want to use Convertx to DVD to put both movies on one DVD.

  1. How do I do that so That they play one right after another without me having to do anything.

  2. Can I separate them still so they are two separate movies in the Menu?

  3. This is possible right?