ConvertXtoDVD freezes when starting

Hey ppl,
i’ve never used ConvertXtoDVD before, and i decided to try it (the latest version). After I installed it, I started it up for the first time and it started ok. Then after a few minutes of checking out the options, it froze and I had to force it to close. Now every time I open it, it freezes immediately, task manager displays “Not Responding” beside the ConvertXtoDVD task, and I have to force it to close.

Then I tried to allow it to load (even though it seemed frozen)… I waited about 10 full minutes and it finally loaded, so I started using it and every once in a while, the program seemed to pause (the mouse would show the hourglass) and everything would freeze for a few moments (i.e. nothing is clickable). But it functions correctly after a few moments.

I have tried to uninstall it and re-install it but there is no change. It still freezes while loading and then every once in a while while browsing options and features. I haven’t even got to the point of converting anything.

Also, I have attempted to install the program on a separate computer and the computer functions without a single problem. This leads me to believe something is conflicting with something within convertxtodvd.

Please help!

Try uninstalling and clearing CxD entries from registry.

yeah that’s what I was thinking. But I have a few questions about that:

  1. What entries does it put in the registry?
  2. how can i fully remove the patin-couffin driver?
  3. does convertxtodvd place anything else on the computer, other than the program files folder, some registry entries and the patin-couffin driver.

i was thinking about running some sort of installation monitor on a clean computer to see what it installs, does anyone know a good installation monitor?

To uninstall completely, do the following:

  • First uninstall normally
  • Delete following reg entries:
  • Check in device manager for Patin-couffin driver (under “VSO devices”) and remove if necessary. To be completely sure you can look for pcouffin.sys in C:\Windows\system32\drivers and delete if still present.
  • Reboot your system

THANK YOU, philipp!! … i will try that. Any idea what would be causing ConvertXtoDVD to freeze when it’s starting up and frequently while navigating through the app??

Nope, right now I have no idea and I can’t remember someone reporting this problem before…

thanks again, philipp, after FULLY removing it, and re-installing, it works perfect now. It seems as though the patin-couffin driver MAY have been the problem, because the first time I tried to uninstall it, I uninstalled it via the uninstaller, and manually removed the registry entries, but it does not remove the patin-couffin driver and I did not know HOW to remove it. Once I removed just the program, re-installing it made no difference, it still froze. So by process of elimination, it must have been the pc driver. Either way, I got it working now!! thanks!