ConvertXtoDVD "freezes" during encoding

G’day :),

I’ve had a bit of a look through the forums but haven’t found anything to help with my an annoying problem - it’s to do with the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD ( I’m trying to convert an AVI (XVID codec) to DVD, but it keeps freezing during the encoding process. Normally I’d think that this was a problem with the AVI, but it freezes at different frames.

Actually, I should clarify that. It’s not that the program stops responding - the frame numbers just stop ticking over, and the time remaining slowly goes up - it got up to 41 hours remaining this morning before I stopped it. And when I do click Cancel, nothing happens - I have to end the ConvertXtoDVD process and restart the program to be able to do anything with it.

Anyways, back to what I was saying - the AVI doesn’t seem to be the problem because I converted it successfully with WinAVI. (I could use this as a workaround, but I’d prefer to figure out the problem with ConvertXtoDVD as well).

I’ve also considered the possibility it could be my PC, but that’s unlikely - it’s brand new from early this year. It’s a laptop with an Intel Centrino Duo processor (Dual Core, 1.83GHz), running XP SP2, with a 100GB HDD and 1GB of RAM. I could probably end a few processes and/or turn off my anti-virus software during conversion to free up memory, but according to task manager, I was only using around 600-650MB of my ~2500MB of page file memory.

So I’m at a loss as to what the problem is. I’m hoping with all that info, someone here can help me out. Thanks in advance :).

Hi there,

was v2.2.2 installed 100% fresh/clean ?

Try a conversion set to “[B]Idle[/B]” Priority, because I have seen it (Ok, on slower PC, should not be doing this on yours but anyway…) be so busy converting, it doesn’t have time to update the display screen.

Just ConvertXtoDVD seems locked, or the whole PC (OS) locks up ?

If it’s just ConvertXtoDVD, here’s what I do sometimes to check:

Start the conversion, then open Windows Explorer or a Command Prompt (DOS) Window.

When you think ConvertXtoDVD is frozen, do a DIR or refresh your OUTPUT Directory.

If the size of the .VOB files keeps on growing, well the conversion is still going. Maybe it’s just the main interface that froze.

Is this the case ?

Yeah, it was a clean install.

I’ll give it a go with “Idle” priority later. I tried it on both Normal and High(er) when it was stuffing up.

It’s just ConvertXtoDVD that locks up, so I’ll try checking the output directory. But I’m pretty sure that it’s not still converting - when the time remaining grew to 41 hours, I’d left it on overnight after I went to bed, and it had been going for about 7 hours or so.

I’ll also check with a different AVI just in case ConvertXtoDVD is more sensitive than WinAVI.

Thanks for the reply - I’ll post what happened when I get around to trying again.

Ok, well it’s been a while (I’ve had some internet problems), but I’ve downloaded the most recent version of ConvertXtoDVD ( and I’ve got it working. The only thing I changed was to set the priority to Idle, and it ran fine :).

Just thought I’d let everyone know in case someone else was having the same problem.

Thanks again for your help, cougar.