Convertxtodvd freezes at near end of conversion

Just recently I have had a problem with convertxtodvd,I have been using the program for years with no problem up until now and no real reason for the change but recently it has been getting to 99.2 or 99.4 etc and freezing up without being able to complete conversion and freezing up my computer,I have looked at all forums and tried all suggestions but no luck…any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

I have been having a similar problem with convertx to dvd, only my issue is the burning process slows down to a crawl and periodically freezes. My suggestion to you would be to post a burn log, thats what I will be doing. I am interested to see what their response to you will be.

Well I solved my own problem. Not sure if this will work for you, but it did for me. First off get CleanVSO here:

Then get revo uninstaller. First navigate to the convertx folder where your conversion files get saved before you burn them to dvd. I had the option checked to delete each folder after I was done burning but for some reason they werent getting deleted. I ended up with several gigs worth of crap left over in there, because I took it for granted that they were getting deleted after each successful burn. But navigate there and check to see if there are left overs there and delete them. Second run the cleanvso, then run revo and this should get rid of any left over traces of convertx. You can always fire up the regedit and search through for any registry entries but those 2 programs should get rid of it all. Then do a reinstall of the latest version convertx, put in your serial and try it out. Once I did all of this it started working fine for me again.

Again I cant say with any degree of certianty that this will work for you, but it did for me. It also wont hurt to check your burner’s firmware and update it if needed. Hope this helps.