ConvertXToDVD error opening avi and avs files

I downloaded ConvertXToDVD this morning and I can’t seem to get it to work. I read your manual and many of the forum topics but I can’t seem to get it right.

My system has Intel core 2 duo, 1 gb ram, 320 gb hd, with about 100 gb free, AVerDVD EZMaker WDM Video Capture card, SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio.

I captured the video with Virtual Dub, compress with a Morgan Multilmedia MJPEG codec and no other filters. I have it set to capture interlaced, 720x480 with all borders cropped -2 and color space is YUY2. The data is saved in an avi file. It plays back with Windows Media Player and a number of other programs. When I try to load the file in ConvertXToDVD I get an error that says the data is unsupported or not A/V file.

I wrote an AviSynth avs file pointing to the AVI source and added borders +2 on each side to return it to 720x480. When I try to load this file I get the same message as with the source AVI file.

Then I captured video with no compression, no filters, no cropping but the color space is still YUY2, which is what my card captures. The size is still set to 720x480. The TV type is set to US NTSC.

The smallville avs script file has the following. This was the first file I tried to convert:
AviSource(“d:\my movies\smallville.avi”)

video was captures YUY2


trim commercials


video was recorded 720x480 and cropped 2 on each side. add borders to restore correct size

I tried this with and without the conversion to YV12 and with and without trim.

The second script file has no filters or compression, just a straight capture. The avs file is:
AviSource(“d:\my movies estnocompress.avi”)

What am I doing wrong? Nothing seems to work. It ran once but I terminated it because I wanted to cut commercials. Once I tried to use AviSynth it never worked again, on anything, not avi or avs input files.

I have quite a few video capture/convert programs installed right now. I read something about interference.

If you expect that is the problem, what should I start to remove? I need VirtaulDub and AviSynth. Nothing else will capture the data with the sound in sync.

Thanks for the help,

Last time I captured I used cards own program to get MPG2 stream.
Quality was good, but audio was off-sync. Then I used TMPGEnc Xpress3 to sync audio, and finally CxD to make nice DVD.

Your problem might be in captured file - or conversion to YV12. Try capturing or converting to proper mpg2 (yes, takes more space but it is temporary issue).

Forget it. I had a number of conversion programs I was testing and when I deleted all but what was needed, virtualdub, avisynth, hcenc and ConvertXToDVD all started working fine and have had no trouble since.