Convertxtodvd dvd player issue

Hey guys.

I’ve been using this program for several months now and every once and a while I burn my dvd from a divx movie to play on my dvd player and when I’m playing the dvd, near the middle to the end of the dvd it starts freezing then goes then freeze then goes and then it’ll just not play anymore. any tips on this?

My computer
intel pentium d duo processor 2.8ghz
1gb ram
liteon 1673s dvd burner
liteon 5235s cd/dvd combo
convertxtodvd version

Hi there,

convertxtodvd version

Wow, this is a real old version :iagree:

Latest version is v2.1.8.193 :bigsmile:

Usually, skipping, freezing etc… are caused by cheap media quality and/or burned too fast.

Please provide us a full burn log !

We need to see what is the Media ID of your disks, and see at what speed do you burn them !

ok I’ll give you a log but from what I can tell you is that I’m using TDK 16x DVD+R media on a liteon 1673S dvd burner at I’m burning it at 16x


Burning at 16x ?

I don’t think I have ever read 1 person suggesting that !

Most people suggest never to burn above 8x for video.

Personally, I burn everything at 4x and I’ve been 100% since.

And I use quality media, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, nothing else.

Some TDK are made by CMC Mag and those are cheap quality media.
4x MAX or even 2x are needed sometimes to get quality burns on those !

My 2 cents…

thanks for the info dude., I’ll try that and see what I come up with.

thanks again