Convertxtodvd doesnt see subtitles, video



I have an mkv file that has a subtitle track, two audio tracks (one of which is 5.1), and a video track.

When I open up the file in convertxtodvd it doesn’t recignise the video at all (asks for the duration of the video) if I click automatic it comes up at under a minute (file is 30 minutes long).

The program also does not see the subtitle track at all.

It does however see both audio tracks.

What is wrong, what do I need to do?

Is there a better program I should be using? In a perfect world I would like to take 8 or so of these files, and put them on a dvd retaining all the tracks. Also one program, not ripping tracks out of the mkv and then re-encoding into a different format…

any suggestions?


Matrosky files were not supported in DivXtoDVD nor or there plans to support them in ConvertX the last I heard. You will have to convert them to another format compatible with ConvertX.