Convertxtodvd does it merge/join files



I am just wondering if the convertxtodvd program has the ability to merge/join files. From what I can see it does not appear to do so. If not does anyone know of a free/cheap software capable of doing that working with convertxto dvd. If not then any will do.


CX doesn’t merge files as such, but it can play them continuously without a break. This does however screw up the displayed runtimes, because a movie in two parts that is played consecutively is effectively two titles played without going back to the menu.

You can use free software like VirtualDub (or Nandub if you need VBR audio support) to quickly stream several parts into one long file before processing in ConvertX. You just have to select “stream copy” in both video and audio, and it only takes a few minutes.


I will give it a try.
Thanks very much.