ConvertXToDVD crashes when adding second .avi

Hi there,

Just to start off, CXD is the best program I’ve ever come across… the ease of making DVD movies is unreal! I hope we can find a solution to this, as it’s pretty odd.

Anyways, within the last couple days, CXD has been acting a bit strange. First, it would crash/freeze when I add any .avi. I rebooted and tried when there were no programs running in the background, but that didn’t change anything. I’ve run a full system virus scan, but it came up with nothing. I’ve run a full system spyware scan, and deleted the 21 tracking cookies it came across, but yet again, no change. I’ve defragmented by HDD twice now, and there are no more fragmented files/folders/dirs that I can see, and that has helped a bit – it now accepts my first .avi, but when I try to add a second, it crashes (doesn’t freeze). HOWEVER, after selecting my first .avi, it freezes for about 5-10 seconds, then finally adds it.

The weird part is that CXD was working perfectly just a couple weeks ago! I thought maybe now my version was old, so I just upgraded to and the same thing happens. Other than downloading files, I haven’t installed any new programs within that time, so I can’t really think of something that would conflict with CXD. I did a search on this forum for a similar problem, and I saw one person’s post about him removing CursorXP and that fixing it, but again, I’ve installed nothing that would’ve changed what I had from when it WAS working (well, come to think of it, just Windows Updates and some PC games). CXD isn’t the only program that has been changed. VLC player also suffers from a crashes when browsing for a file in the File -> Open menu.

Hmm, actually, as I type this I’m thinking that possibly one of the PC games did this? Or is that not likely/possible? I highly doubt Windows Updates are the problem, so currently all fingers are pointing to the games. I’ll uninstall them and see which is the culprit. Any answers here would be great too!

Can’t find the edit button, so I’ll just post another reply.

A bit of an update: uninstalled four games, none of that has changed a thing, HOWEVER both CXD and VLC have both mentioned msyuv.dll in the error report. As a matter of fact, all media players save Winamp freeze when I try to add video media to it, THUS, is it safe to assume something is wrong a bit deeper in? I’ve already gone ahead and done some scans with registry cleaners (and subsequently fixed whatever it spat out), and I have replaced my old msyuv.dll with this one (however, that has not changed it). I’ve yet to restart since the .dll change, so I’ll go do that now and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I guess I’m back to the drawing board.