ConvertXtoDVD compatibility with Windows Vista

Want to know if ConvertXtoDVD is compatible with Windows Vista? ANSWER: ConvertXtoDVD is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

Is anyone aware of any compatibility issues running ConvertXtoDVDin a Vista 32 bit OS I am about to install and would hate to not be able to run this great program Any comments would be appreciated :rolleyes:


It should run fine on Vista, but do not know anyone using it on Vista.

Latest v2.1.3.173 has minor changes to make sure it runs smooth on Vista.

Looks like ConvertXtoDVD (version runs fine on my Vista RTM 32bit version overhere. Just give it a try.

Hi there,

VSO Bug #480 has been RESOLVED

When installing patin-couffin driver over VISTA, several RED warnings are displayed and drivers are not associated with VSO-Software as signing editor.

Next release should have the latest Patin Couffin v1.37 with the above fix !