ConvertXtoDVD: Check for update doesn't work


yesterday (Nov 25) I used the menu item “Check for update”, and I got the answer “no newer version”. I was using, and 2.1.5 had been released on Oct 25. I have bought the program in february, so I should still be entitled to free updates. After manual download and installation of the new version, it says that it is a registered version.

Here is the latest of my log files (I had tried looking for updates several times):

25.11.2006 02:40:21	Info	********** Bericht geschlossen ***********
25.11.2006 02:37:45	Info	Version ist aktuell
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	User default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	System default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	Version
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	ExeName : "D:\Programme\vso\ConvertXtoDVD\ConvertXtoDvd.exe"
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
25.11.2006 02:37:38	Info	******************** Report session started ********************

Any ideas?


the notification of new version is an information we manually set on our web server. it means you can experience the case you described.
Why we don’t update the information ?
in these case, we discover some problems in the 2.1.5 and we didn’t wish to “push” people to update to this later version.
We set the notification a few days after the official update on our web site, if we are not aware of any new problem.