Convertxtodvd chapters problem? please help

i have noticed that when converting a dvd with 4 xvid files and making auto-chapters every 5 minutes to all movies every chapter cause for a 100ms pause between chapters. the image holds on screen for a time of 100~200 ms.
this annoys me because i see this pause.
how can i fix this problem, i am using the latest version of convertxtodvd . - btw i am not intrested in turning of the auto-chapters function but it would be great if i will know how to make scene detected auto chapters…
this feature exist in DVD Lab pro and it works great.
are you familiar with a software that gives this function so i can use the timing from the software on convertxtodvd and then i wont have the problem.

Hi there,

Can you provide us a full conversion log please.

Also, can you tell us what brand / model of DVD Player you are having issues on.

What is your Video Standard where you live ? PAL or NTSC ?

There is other people having issues like this, studder at chapter points.

VSO is currently working on the issue.

Thank you !

k , thanks.
i will write there a note.

I downloaded a trail version of convertxtodvd and deleted it 20mins after as I also had the problem with the long pause between clips I hade made and also the NEXT button on the remote wont work also with this prog :a
The only way I can join video clips together without the pauses is using the free prog’s vobedit and isoedit. It does take time to use this but it works a dream! :clap: No pauses between clips and the NEXT button works too!

OMG I wish there was a prog that would join video clips that was quick and easy to use, without pauses, keeps all your orig sound (5.1 or 4.1 etc) and allows your NEXT button to work!!! :bow: