ConvertXtoDVD Can't Handle



As one example of this problem, I input a PAL DVD that contains 4 chapters of 32 mintues in length. Tagged on as the 5th chapter is an 8 minute video clip. The Time code is 32 and 8 minutes, respectively and is one title. When I play this PAL DVD using PowerDVD it says the DVD has 5 chapters and is 40 minutes.

ConvertXtoDVD does not create a 40 minute contiguous video. It is confused by the two different timecodes of the two clips. This is an outstanding problem of CXD on mishandling many custom made DVDs which includes different clips with different timecodes.


You have to clean up the input before converting from PAL to NTSC. What I have to do is first demux the PAL streams in DVD-Lab, then rebuild the GOP timecode, then burn a PAL DVD. I use that as my input to CXD and I get a good conversion.


How are those files arranged on your original?
If all clips have different track numbers then ConvertXtoDVD is doing what it is supposed to do.
vts_01_1.vob, vts_01_2.vob are from same track and they should have continuous timecode, but vts_02_1.vob is second track and it should have separate timecode.


VTS_01_1 1,047,628 KB <----- I input this file as the source
VTS_01_2 615,198 KB

CXD (latest version) sees and processes the two VOBs. Inside that space there are 5 chapters but the 5th chapter is over 8 minutes. That is what CXD reports as the source length - 8+ minutes. Its as if it just remembered the order of the last timecode.

Chapter 1 - chapter 4 is a consistent timecode ending at 32:58
Chapter 5 - Timecode ends at 8:24

CXD needs to check timecode of ALL content of the video title and fix disparate timecodes by rewriting timecodes of video, within the domain encompassing all chapters that comprise the title.

DVD-Lab calls this utility “Rewriting GOP Timecode” and I use it all the time to fix gross errors or small audio sync discrepencies after PAL/NTSC conversions.


So you mean that there originally is no continuous timecode; you have renamed file from different source to be 5th chapter?
If that is the case, then CXD works as it should, I doubt that they have implemented timecode rewriting. (yet?)


No. I am saying I have an authored DVD that is PAL and contains a single title that comprises 5 chapters. Since I didn’t do the authoring, I can’t explain how the 5th chapter was added to the previous 4 chapters.

I play the DVD using PowerDVD or a stand alone player and it plays ONE TITLE with FIVE CHAPTERS and it sees approximately 41 minutes of video, as it should be. If I demux the same DVD using DVD-LAB it sees all the video but the demuxed MPEG has the wrong time length. Its all there. All I had to do is rewrite the timecode for the demuxed MPEG and reauthor a fixed PAL DVD so I can input into CXD.

If I don’t use DVD-LAB to fix timecode, and just input the DVD as-is into CXD, it creates a screwed up DVD that is converted to NTSC but the 5th chapter has bad audio sync problems. IN ADDITION, when Power DVD sees the converted DVD it sees only the first 4 chapters and 32:58. When it plays past the 4th chapter it sees the 5th chapter as 8:24. Its as though the converted DVD was two titles but its not, its one title and the incongruous timecode is causing things to be screwed up.

If I first preprocess through DVD-LAB to fix the time code and re-write a PAL DVD and then use THAT as input to CXD, then it sees all 5 chapters and converts properly.

Clearly, CXD should be diligent at fixing disparate timecode incongruity before converting a title.


Are you having this problem with only this one example?
It seems that there is something wrong with it then.

I have converted many DVDs that have multiple vobs, and no problems.


No. I have had the problem on anpther DVD. The one I didn’t mention was worse than the example I gave. I know that you’re supposed to input good DVDs or files but I think having the ability to also handle difficult scenarios would make the product stronger, since the competition is not even in the race. But, who knows, there could be some new software that is better.



Try will this version and let us know if it fixes the problem: (it is a beta version)