Convertxtodvd - can't get the dvd to burn



I put about 23 avi’s about 350mb in size each, onto the program, and let it convert. It took about 10-12 hours, but i wasn’t home so it didn’t bother me. Anyway, i was able to do this before with no problem, but now after it had converted the avi’s it asked me for a dvd. So i put a dvd-9 which it has printed on before, and it wa sayinthat it was the wrong media and that i needed to insert the correct media. I still have the vob files on my computer, so i tried to burn them with nero 6, but it is telling me thatit exceeds the capacity of a dvd-9. I’m stuck, i don’t know what to do next, if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it.



I put about 23 avi’s about 350mb in size each, onto the program, and let it convert.

How many minutes of video is each file ?

I suggest not to put more than 4 hours per DVD5 and 8 hours on a DVD9 MAX.

A dvd5 is made to hold 2 hours HQ Video, and a DVD9 I guess 4 hours HQ Video.

If you didn’t cross 8 hours of video, [U]it should have[/U] fitted on a DVD9.

But without seeing the full conversion log, I have no idea what happened.

Provide us a full conversion log, and let’s see what happened.

I think you are pushing ConvertXtoDVD to it’s limit, trying to fit so many minutes of video on 1 media !

My 2 cents…


well they are about an hour each, the reason i asked was because i did it once before, maybe i got lucky. haha. Anyway i’m not quite sure where i go to fid the log, does it save automatically or will it oly save when i ask it to. I’m pretty sure there was nothing wrong other than it not accepting the media i put in there, but if you could tell me where to find the log file, i will surely post it.


Conversion log can be found here: C:\Documents and Settings<User>\Application Data\VSO\ConvertXtoDVD.log


thanks, i just looked at the log file when i was going to paste it here, but i just realized that it was 8.179 gbs, and the media was being read as 8.1 gbs, even though it is an 8.5 gig DL dvd. not sure why this is but it looks like i just need to make two dvds. any reason as to why it doesn’t read all 8.5 gigs?