ConvertxtoDVD - Can't add subs to a movie



Hello, i have version and can’t add .sub subtitles to a movie. They were already named the same, bar the ext, and don’t get added automatically. When I right click and ‘add subtitle’, i navigate to the folder, add the relevant subs, but they don’t go onto the file - it still says 0 subtitle streams.
They work fine while watching on VSO, but I’ve even tried buring a DVD while it says 0, and, low-and-behold, no subtitles are copied onto the disc.
Please help someone. :bow:

By the way, I’ve converted about 100 dvds with subtitles, and this is the first time i’ve had a problem…


You might want to make sure the format of the subtitle file is one that is accepted by ConvertxtoDVD, their are at least two different sub formats. Try and dl a different sub file.


Buying originals (pressed DVDs) make such issues obsolete.


thanks a million eric93se, I didn’t realise that, and as soon as i got new subs it fixed it. i can’t see anyway to check which .sub files they are, but guess the supported ones are much more common.

and nice one chef for being concerned about the Chinese movie industry, from where I can’t source the movies i want, and where copyright doesn’t even exist, anyway. ‘pressed’ dvds bought in China are ALL what you would class as being bad, and often only have chinese subs, or unintelligeble ‘chinglish’ ones. Is that enough to coax you down from the moral plateau? Remember that ‘Things are now in motion that cannot be undone.’ [Gandalf, LoTR] :wink:


Sorry, I doubt that is an excuse for not buying originals and it just shows that you got caught… I just posted my thought after reading your sentence "By the way, [B]I’ve converted about 100 dvds with subtitles[/B], and this is the first time i’ve had a problem… " …


well i lived in China for two years until recently, and am going back there soon


‘chinglish’ LOL :smiley:


[QUOTE=eric93se;2500919]‘chinglish’ LOL :D[/QUOTE]

yeah unfortunately my chinglish is better than my chinese!