ConvertXToDVD - cannot use WMV?

I’ve made several DVDs successfully from Movie Maker 2.0’s AVI output. But I’ve just tried my first project with Photo Story 3. Its WMV output was rejected by ConvertXToDVD as ‘unsupported’.

What’s the story here please? I thought WMV was now fully supported?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

The file Photo Story outputs is not a video, but a proprietary format which contains the pictures to be rendered in DirectX. This is why it’s not supported by ConvertXtoDVD.

OK, thanks. So presumably I could go through an extra step, converting the WMV to AVI somehow, and use that as source for ConvertXtoDVD? Or alternatively import the WMV to Movie Maker and output to AVI, and use that in ConvertXtoDVD?

Or could you suggest a better way of getting from PS3 to a DVD disc please?

I’ve also just installed your trial of PhotoDVD, as an altenative to PS3, but at first glance it seems to lack many of PS3’s features.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

I don’t know if it’s possible to export or convert from PS3 to a normal video file. But if you manage to do so, it should work in ConvertX.