ConvertXtodvd burning?

I am using ConvertXtodvd. I have tried the trial and now have purchased it. However, I have a few questions and hope someone can help. I can not find anywhere to read about these on their site. First what is write speed and how do I know which one is best? Secondly when burning a onto a dvd with nero for example you can make your title page with the header of your movie but I see no where to do that with this product. Also when done burning the drive opens and disk comes out but in the log it says…media removed, burning not to write. What does that mean and am I doing something wrong? Any help would be so appreciated.

This would be a good start:
As far as write speed, you can adjust that under the "settings’ tab, then click the “burning” tab and to the right of your burner is the speed setting, default is “max” Good Luck