convertXtoDVD burn error

Hi, I have been using ConvertXtoDVD for a little while now and sometimes I have no problems and other times I come across glitches. This is the latest one: The conversion goes through and asks me to insert media for burning. As soon as the burning process begins I get an error stating “Reporting invalid address for write during recovery” and then "Write error at (984132) - code 052102 Illegal request, invalid address. I am not sure why if the conversion goes through no problem why I am getting this error when burning. By the by, this movie file was downloaded on my PC. Thanks.

Hi there,

Please provide us with a Full ConvertXtoDVD.log !

Errors like invalid address to write are usualy cause by burning too fast, on cheap low quality media.

Media ID: CMC Mag. are low quality media and should be burned at 2x Max (Personaly Opinion).

Quality Media: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell made in Japan.

Several on forums recommend to never burn above 8x for Video DVD (On quality media)

Most playback issues are also releated to cheap media and/or burned too fast.

Also check to see if there is a firmware upgrade for your burner.

We can see all this from the logs, what burner you have and what firmware revision is on it…

My 2 cents worth !

Thank you for responding so quickly. Because of a few other problems I have deleted ConvertXDVD and reinstalled it so the log is no longer available. I have been using Memorex DVD+R RW 16x media. Is this among the less repitable? I have also opted for slow burn under the options of my coping software. I have been using 123 copy sometimes when ConvertXDVD has not been cooperating. What is your personal opinion regarding what is the best software for burning DVDs around copywriting? Thanks again

Hi there,

I use ConvertXtoDVD v2.0.4.104 latest to convert all my files.

To burn VideoDVD I either use ConvertXtoDVD built in burn engine, or VSO CopyToDVD.

Yes, Memorex are on the low quality list.

What is real important, it’s the Media ID.

Most Memorex have a media id: CMC Mag.

Check the list here, CMC Mag is a 4th class media, so in plain english, it’s CRAP :iagree: HAHAHAHA !!!

If you wish to see what is the media id of your disks, use tools like:

VSO Inspector
DVD Indentifer

And visit the above site, and check the Media Id in the list.