ConvertXtoDVD: Audio Syncing Problems

I am having an issue with transcoding a .mkv file using CxD. The audio is lagging behind the video to various degrees, depending upon what point I am in the video. The amount of lag also varies between transcode sessions of the same .mkv file with the same settings. I have tried the AVI-MUX GUI program mentioned in this forum, but it doesn’t seem to like the VBR AC-3 audio stream, or at least it does not seem to report useful info. I would like to try CxD v2.0.5, but as I am a trial user I don’t think VSO will be very receptive to my request for support.

Anyone have any ideas? What other info do I need to provide to clue you in to what may be the problem?

Yes, the .mkv plays fine in VLC.