ConvertXtoDVD - aspect ratios wrong

I’m a newcomer to the movie-making/DVD scene. I’m using 2.0.6 and just completed my first burn.

  1. I worked entirely with 16:9 sources. The resulting DVD is correct, at 16:9. But the MENU is wrong. It looks like 4:3. And, presumably because of the ‘overscan’ effect on my LCD TV, the DVD menu title is therefore partially invisible off the top edge.

The last burn I did, with 2.0.4, displayed the menu of a similar movie at the correct 16:9 ratio.

  1. The PREVIEW is also wrong - looks like 4:3.

Can others confirm these problems please?

Terry, West Sussex, UK


Same question and answer in an other forum:

Thanks. I’m posting in both forums to get maximum feedback.

I just replied to tabby in the cdr-zone forum. Here’s an extract:

Part of the problem seems to be that none of the background image options for the menu are actually for widescreen. The sizes are:

1600 x 1200 = 1.33
768 x 576 = 1.33
720 x 500 = 1.44
720 x 480 = 1.50
Most are for those last two ‘intermediate’ sizes. None are for 1.77 (16:9)

So I made one myself, 720 x 405 = 1.777, and added it to the \Backgrounds folder. This is what the program looks like with that selected:

As you see, instead of it being centered, it is shifted to the top. So it’s not surprising that, when the DVD is shown on my TV, the title ‘Thames Tour’ is partly invisible, roughly like this:

That was not the case when I ran a similar DVD made with 2.0.4.

Terry, West Sussex, UK[/quote]