ConvertXtoDVD aspect maintains my 3:2?

Sorry if missed anythng already answering my question, but did search.

I converted an from analog to digital, Blade Runner (3:2), had to crop & pad bottom and right side (noise bar/frame up-down issues?) with SUPER.

The mpg plays fine, properties list as 720x480, but am pretty sure its aspect is 3:2.

Maybe I’m unnecessarily concerned about losing the aspect, but whatever I use to burn the file to vob and DVD disk, I’m hoping to assure the aspect is maintained.

My options for that are to use ImgBurn, MovieFactory or C’XtoDVD, but none of them indicate “no change” for the aspect.

I’m reading that default DVD formats include anamorphic ability (ie; allows the aspect to be adjusted by the player or TV itself), but not sure which if C’Xto DVD’s TV setting for Automatic assures anamorphic abiltiy and/or if the DVD will lose the 3:2 aspect.

I’m just looking to hopefully assure the DVD retains 3:2 aspect, but don’t know enought about DVD formatting and my converting/burning app’s to assure the aspect is retained.

Unless you are doing some serious cropping, or selecting via OPTIONS or other selections within the program, I believe that the video should maintain it’s aspect ratio, as it is… (barring conversion by the dvd player or tv)