ConvertXtoDVD and UOP?



Hi. I have noticed over the last few months that when i convert and burn a film with ConvertXtoDVD that 70% of the time it fails a read error disc in my duplicator. You can play it on a dvd player but fails in the dup’. I have spent 4-5 days testing,resetting system, unistalling codecs and literally spinning on my head. I recently installed DVD Fab Platinum and placed the failed read error disc in the drive to copy and noticed looking through the options that it says that it has removed the UOP and CELL protection from the (CONVERTXTODVD) compiled film. ( I thought ConvertXtoDVD does this anyway ?.) So when i copy it to the hard drive then burn it out using DVDfab it has no problem copying in the Duplicator or playing on any dvd. Is there something ConvertXtoDVD is not telling us or is it just me.



ConvertXtoDVD is not a ripper, so what ever you have on AVI file will be on your converted one.
Rippers remove protection, but usualy not UOP, unless there is an option ticked off for it.


Thanks for your quick reply:…

Sorry. let me go in detail a little: This i what i am doing and what is happening.

  1. Burning an AVI (downloaded) with ConvertXtodVD and Does this hithout problems
  2. Try to copy in Duplicator but fails on read disc error, but plays on xbox and dvd player.
  3. I use FreeDVD and says there is UOP Protection (I remove this at this point even though i know DVD Fab does it).
  4. I then use DVDFab to copy film to hard drive. ( in the copy section it says removed UOP and CELL Protection).
  5. I then burn with DVDFab once it has done.
  6. The disc is then able to copy in the duplicator without any problems.

Is this a problem with convertxtodvd or something VSO is not telling us.

Or is it another problem i have not issued…

thanks again



UOP should have nothing to do with duplicator not being able to work with the file. Cell protection is a different story.
I do not think it is really there, but is possible that ConvertX is somehow not creating proper command structure.
I would get PgcEdit, load the file in and see if it show any red commands or has any other warnings.


Thanks CDuncle. Have just got it and will look at it when i get chance. I never had this problem when i was using ConvertXtoDVD v2.9.9.etc. Wierd how things get worse when they get newer…Thanks for your help.