Convertxtodvd and internet issues

Everytime I use Convertxtodvd I lose my internet conection. I have to unplug the modem and reconnect to reset it and get the connection back. I have XP with 2 gigs of RAM and a DSL connection. Its an odd and frustrating problem. Thanks

open up the settings/options window
under GENERAL options [U]uncheck[/U] "check the internet for updates"
and [U]check [/U]"do not prompt for updates"
this will stop it from going online at least
if it doesnt work check your LAN driver for an update

I unchecked updates and even the one that says send burn statistics. Also checked do not prompt for updates. Whats an LAN and how do I go about finding updates? Any other suggestions…Thanks!

go into control panel/system/device manager
click on network adapters,copy info,go to companies website
and search for downloads of model# & install
(my Realtek just had a new version in Sept. I just found out .Thanx!)