ConvertXtoDVD and Half-D1

Is there any way to make ConvertXtoDVD make Half-D1 dvd’s? If not is there any other software as easy to use as it, but that does allow this?

Currently no and no.

I think NeroVison allows you to select half-D1.

Version 2.2.3 can be changed to HALF D1 if you edit a registry setting.


change the string there from




then open ConvertXToDVD and when you convert it will force res to 352x480 for NTSC, 352x576 for PAL


v3.00 will offer you a few formats

Full D1
Broadcast D1
Half D1
forget if there’s more :slight_smile:

v3.00 ßeta is now available to registered user who are aloud to the free upgrade. (1 year upgrade) or golden membership.