Convertxtodvd and Digital Media Converter



hello everyone
I have a question regarding the files after conversion by these 2 programs. I have convertxtodvd and when I convert my files they are stored on my hard drive in a video TS folder as vob files. When I convert with Digital Media Converter they are stored on my hard drive as DVD movie files. When I burn the results to DVD they all work just fine from both programs. Because of the fact that DMC converts differently it actually is easier to burn those files to DVD. However why are they different? Or should I say what is the difference.
I am thinking of buying DMC and I already have the full version of convertxtodvd.


How do you mean they are saved as movie files? There are a lot of different movie file extensions out there and without an extension it will be hard for others to say.

Stick any disc you have burnt into your PC and explore them you will find they contain VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS filder, inside the video folder you will find the vob files amongst others as this is what the DVD players recognise. The audio folder is empty.

As to why they are different each prog has it’s own way of storing the thing being copied on your hdd before burning.


Thank you for getting back to me. Sorry late reading it because computer was out of commision. What I meant was that convertxtodvd has vob files in a video T_s folder. Some other programs have no Video T_S folder after conversion. Just the “movie file” wording instead of mpeg or avi or whatever. Does it still mean that whatever was converted is now a DVD file even though there is no video T_S folder?