Convertxtodvd and already compliant mpeg2


I have a feature request. My tv tuner outputs dvd compliant mpeg2. Using tmpgenc dvd author, it creates the video_ts in about 5min. convertxtodvd seems to not check whether it is compliant already, because the time to build the video_ts file is the same as if it was a divx (around 22min). I hate tmpgenc dvd author and would much rather use convertxtodvd. Any chance you could detect if it is already compliant and already fits and just convert to vob format?

it is not only a problem of fitting the stream, it will also depends on the target size, and if it needs to be recompressed or not, at this time the process is not optimized for sure, but will require a long development and it will generate other kind of troubles. it is like the half D1 resolution… it is something to do, but not planned yet

Ok, thanks for the reply. Do you guys have competitor tools in house that you benchmark against?



I don’t think VSO are looking for a conversion time race.

I think VSO wants:

  • A software that will convert all possible video codecs they can put their hands on.

  • Easy software so easy, granny can use it, and have a hell of a nice output, then again not in competition with CCE with 2 or 3 passes, for the extreme video quality fanatics :bigsmile:

Speed is not priority one, and for me as a user, speed it not a priority either.

If it takes 4 hours to convert a video, that’s an other story.

But if Software #1 takes 45 minutes, Software #2 takes 52 minutes, and ConvertXtoDVD takes 58 minutes, or even 1 hour and 10 minutes, I can live with that, as long as [B]the end result is what I want and easy to use[/B].

Now, for already compliant MPEG2 files, as Lapinou stated above, ConvertXtoDVD may need to recalculate the bitrate to make it fit on a DVD5.

Still need to do some other stuff, like add your Chapters (If enabled).

So I guess this is why those MPEG2 still needs to be treated just like an other source, and not so a 100% copy of the stream.

My 2 cents, from a user that is not 100% concerned about the speed, that do not want 45 steps, and 12 software to convert 1 video.