ConvertXtoDVD 6 (Updates)



[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released January 21st, 2014[/B]

  • 0007504: [Suggestion] Give better visibility to main tree (show more difference between selected/unselected items) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007496: [Information] include v5 converted templates in installer (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007497: [Bug] add write access in registry - so app opens or opens without error (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007402: [Bug] cxd not closing between use of batcher and therefore not processing conversions in queue (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007490: [Bug] hardware decoding not working and not checked in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007491: [Bug] kodomo test validation subtitle color not correct (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007447: [Bug] 2 pass conversions do not work and 2pass does not appear in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007484: [Bug] conversion failed (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released September 2nd, 2014[/B]

[B]- new burning engine[/B]
[B]- corrects access violation when entereing key [/B]
[B]- corrects specific cases of freezing when starting[/B]
[B]- new option added to installer to do a clean installation (remove old files and settings before installing new version)
-[B] fixed bug AV LOADER: can’t find protocol for “”

  • update for CUDA compatibility

Complete change log below:
[/B][/B]ConvertXtoDVD - [B][B]

  • 0008409: [Bug] no thumbnails in chapter menu dvd output (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008373: [Bug] flags missing for language indentifier in tab under preview window (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008403: [Bug] no warning is saving a project with existing project name, old project will be overwritten (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008401: [Bug] cut buttons cropped (cedric) - resolved.
    [B]- 0008211: [Bug] Cannot minimize screen while burning a disk (cedric) - resolved.[/B]
  • 0008262: [Bug] no audio in preview or converted result (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008306: [Bug] opening some projects made in version doesnt work (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008402: [Bug] save project, close cxd asked if want to save project again (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008375: [Bug] File / Load Blu-ray/DVD “Load from disc” does nothing (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008372: [Bug] I can press convert twice, and get access violation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008354: [Bug] Changing code page twice creates access violation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008374: [Bug] PAL is set by default (cedric) - resolved. [12 issues]


ConvertXtoDVD - (Released 2014-09-03) [ View Issues ]

  • 0008407: [Bug] dvd subtitles not clean (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008435: [Bug] reactivate autorun after opening tray (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008433: [Feature Request] new default subtitle settings to resemble v4 (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008429: [Feature Request] compile with blacklist updated (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008428: [Bug] Patin couffin driver “signature has expired” (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released October 7th, 2014[/B]

  • 0008655: [Feature Request] new setting to convert to 23.976 framerate (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released November 27th, 2014[/B]
[/B][/B]- 0009008: [Bug] wrong menu thumbnail aspect when mixed aspect files are converted (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009028: [Bug] Problem when requesting conversion cancellation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009025: [Bug] Can’t play/convert files recorded from Paramount Channel using the FreeBox (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009022: [Suggestion] Speed up the process when applying the general settings to project (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released January 30th, 2015

  • 0009249: [Bug] In some cases burning window is transparant - makes it hard to burn (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009329: [Bug] crackling sounds and pixelation after conversion (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009326: [Bug] loading test validation 1 I get access violation (cedric) - resolved.
    [B]- 0009324: [Bug] embedded subtitles are squeezed—not proportioned. (cedric) - resolved.[/B]


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released February 27th, 2015

[/B]- 0009504: [Bug] Unable to load Cx2DVD made DVD (felicia) - resolved.

  • 0009352: [Bug] preview green of h264 file (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0009495: [Bug] Font sizes overrides ignored on conversion (felicia) - resolved.


[B][I]Changes in ConvertXtoDVD (Released 2015-03-26):[/I][/B]
– 0009647: [Bug] overflow with ssa subtitles (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009043: [Bug] falsely reports “Please insert media to continue” when there is a disc already in the drive.” (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009577: [Bug] burning a second project without restarting the program, the Burn Engine pops up grayish (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009636: [Bug] encoding option “automatic” is always used rather than users choice (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009639: [Bug] unchecking “don’t create title menu for single video” in treeview is not taken into account (cedric) – resolved.
Homepage –


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released May 4th, 2015

[/B]- 0009815: [Bug] Access Violation error when clicking on subtitle properties and other tabs (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009816: [Bug] “reset” in output tab under preview window does to do nothing (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009705: [Bug] Modifying the font for a button will revert settings to the default for the thumbnail. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009789: [Bug] audio compression not shown in log - is it applied? (cedric) - resolved.


[B][B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released May 29th, 2015

[/B][/B]- 0009951: [Suggestion] The mirror effect in DVD menus is sometimes too far from text (Black mirror template) (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009949: [Bug] in menu buttons and icons are distorted with odd diagonal lines (cedric) - resolved.


ConvertXtoDVD - Released June 12th, 2015

  • 0010014: [Bug] Get back the mirror effect in Black mirror ROOT menu (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010012: [Suggestion] Reduce space between items and mirror effect in menus (Black mirror template) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009998: [Bug] can’t load dvd structure or blu-ray (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released June 23rd, 2015

[/B]- 0010065: [Bug] Crackling audio when converting from dts HD (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0010055: [Suggestion] update EULA compatibility Windows 10 (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - (Released 2015-08-25)[/B]

  • 0010249: [Bug] remove “unspecified” for video stream (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010256: [Bug] bad output structure when using no menu (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - (Released 2015-09-04)[/B]

  • 0010185: [Bug] No menu template when opening Cx via right clicking on file name (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010276: [Bug] Getting “VIDEO_TS.IFO has been modified to keep DVD VIDEO compatibility” when starting the burn process (cedric) - resolved.


Changes in ConvertXtoDVD (Released 2015-10-06):
– 0010358: [Bug] DVD menus not recognized by PowerDVD/VLC (and some DVD home players) (cedric) – resolved.
Homepage –


Changes in ConvertXtoDVD (Released 2015-10-20):
– 0010406: [Feature Request] sp, mp, lp switch points changed (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010400: [Bug] IFO does not specifiy audio language identifier if audio is remuxed (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010398: [Bug] Audio and video out of sync in ROOT menus (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010118: [Bug] preview and output only show 10 seconds of video and whole duration is 3 min + (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010392: [Bug] Source SAR not taken in account when applying rotate filter (bad aspect ratio on output) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010389: [Information] “use best video quality” too slow (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010374: [Bug] themes cause problem in treeview, parts of interface are black when editing (cedric) – resolved.
– 0007462: [Bug] chapter thumbnails cannot be changed independently as modification also changes chapter point (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010365: [Bug] Unable to edit the timing after adding chapters (cedric) – resolved.
Homepage –
Size: 34.0 MB


Changes in ConvertXtoDVD (Released 2015-11-06):
– 0010527: [Bug] when you click on ‘disable subtitle playback in preview’ text disappears but subtitle does stop playing in preview (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010528: [Bug] display of chapter numbers there is an odd overlap of “text” until change made (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010531: [Bug] shouldn’t get “you have loaded a DVD-type file” when load AVI type file even though “dvd ” files are in same location (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010481: [Feature Request] Allow merge by dragging and dropping on titleset (without pressing shift) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010530: [Bug] 1 titleset with menu “Classic, simple but elegant” generates a title menu even when “do not create title menu for single video” (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010529: [Bug] when clicking on “add subtitle” in titleset in treeview ‘editing’ subtitle tab does not always remain open (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010103: [Bug] display color selection for subtitles in editing tab under preview window as previous versions did (cedric) – resolved.
Homepage –
Size: 34.1 MB


[B]ConvertXtoDVD - Released November 13th 2015[/B]

  • 0010572: [Bug] problem with background image of “default, simple menu” (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010580: [Bug] changing font color to custom value causes font color to show as black (cedric) - resolved.
    [B]- 0010577: [Bug] menu background has black borders (cedric) - resolved.[/B]
    [B]- 0010574: [Bug] the borders of the title icon images are incorrectly positioned. (cedric) - resolved.


Thanks for update “Coolcolors” .
By the way , they are soon to be releasing a brand new “Convert to dvd 6” at some point.


[QUOTE=mosis14;2763705]Thanks for update “Coolcolors” .
By the way , they are soon to be releasing a brand new “Convert to dvd 6” at some point.[/QUOTE]
If that is the case then it will still be posted under this current listing…but will be for version 6.