Convertxtodvd 3 settings help please



Hello, First of all as I’m sure you will be able to tell I’m a total newb with this kind of stuff but I have convertxtodvd 3 and had been using it to convert widescreen avi files to dvd with no problems, had the settings on automatic and was getting my desired results. When I would play the DVDs on my PC with a 16:9 screen they would be just fine like the original avi and when I would play them on my dvd player and my 4:3 tv the would look fine and have black bars on the top and bottom.

Then one day(I didnt think I had changed any settings) the DVDs I would make with the same type of avi files would be the same on the PC screen but would take up the whole screen on the 4:3 TV and look smashed horizontally. I have tried messing with the settings with no luck of getting the results a had previously. Any help of what settings to use? I just want it to be widescreen on widescreens and still look right on 4:3 with the bars. Thanks for any Help!


go to settings<general<reset defaults button-bottom left


And if thats not the problem try your tv settings