ConvertXtoDVD 3 released

I just posted the article ConvertXtoDVD 3 released.

After 2 months of intensive testing VSO Software has finally realsed the long awaited version 3 of their popular Video converting software ConvertXtoDVD.
For those who may not know. ConvertXtoDVD 3…

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:frowning: Dont like it,the version before is much better and more user friendly.Go for version :frowning:

Just converted an avi to DVD and from NTSC to PAL and the frame speed is all over the place, slow and juddery! :r No such problems with v2.2.3.258 on same film, I will give this a wide berth until this problem is sorted as previous v2 was fine for converting NTSC to PAL.

Lazza, maybe you want to post about your problem in our VSO Software forum, VSO support and some of our members are probably able to help