ConvertXtoDVD beta discussion

A new convertxtodvd version is available on the beta site.

This build fixes a lot of regression as well as some multicore optimization…
There is a known possible issue concerning this version… some MP3 audio streams might be no longer recognized (temporarily). A version which fixes this problem will be available as soon as possible.

ConvertXtoDVD -

Audio & conversion fixes

  • 0002795: [Crash] A few specific files I have makes v3.6.7.165 Crash with an access violation (wesson) - resolved.

Installation script has been updated to display only PAL or NTSC as output choice, it is due to too many issues for playback depending
on the source file format and hardware configuration of the users to playback DVD

ConvertXtoDVD -

ffmpeg updates

ConvertXtoDVD -

Feature added: Burn ISO files

Some fixes on DV Video, Deinterlacing that caused artifacts, subtitles in MOV files, …

  • 0002668: [Bug] Subtitles embedded in MOV are not decoded correctly (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002557: [Bug] Some avi file are out of sync after conversion (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002618: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Artefacts in output dvd file when converting an interlaced high definition M2TS file. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002594: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Some Avi Files with dvvideo stream are no longer converted completely (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002112: [Bug] burn existing project (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002778: [Bug] V162: Missing amount of files and file size in log (wesson) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD -

Regression fix version, restored support for many file types, added support for new stream formats, fixed issues about synchronization

  • 0002613: [Crash] Access violation on loading some MKV Files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002648: [Bug] Some MKV files with h264 and aac streams, are out of sync after conversion. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002677: [Bug] Audio plays too fast on some converted .mov files including an AAC audio stream. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002735: [Bug] error when enable 2 pass enconding option (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002675: [Bug] Some .mov files are not loaded. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002680: [Bug] [Regression] Bad framerate detection in some MPEG2 movie files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002734: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Bad colours conversion in avi files with Raw RGB32 video stream (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002733: [Bug] Some M2TS files with AC3 2ch audio stream have no audio after conversion. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002719: [Bug] Some RMVB (with RV40 video stream) are no longer converted (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002759: [Unsupported file/stream format] [REGRESSION] Some .REC files are no longer loaded with Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD -

  • various background work for multicore optimisation

Download link :
Download ConvertXtoDVD beta version