ConvertXtoDVD - - Public release



ConvertXtoDVD - - Public release 23rd of September 2008

  • Various translations added or updated.
  • Improved resize window, added 2 checkboxes to apply the resizing to :
  • all files in the current titleset (enabled if there is merged parts and all video sources has the same resolution)
  • all files in the whole dvd (enabled if there is more than 1 titleset and all video sources in all titlesets have the same resolution)
  • 0002195: [Bug] Dutch Translation Issues with the menu templates (wesson)
  • 0002198: [Feature Request] Add support for split .trp streams (wesson)
  • 0002202: [Information] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: Specific File to be analysed, since the output is out of sync (wesson)
  • 0002210: [Suggestion] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: When exiting the “Video Resize Method” Window, the pulldown list in the treeview should change (wesson)
  • 0002199: [Bug] Display of Cropping in 2nd avi not showing values as per cd1 can be confusing (wesson)
  • 0002200: [Bug] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: Bottom ~xx:xx time not updated when merging files (wesson)