ConvertXtoDVD Released

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released the 21th May 2008

Fixes various subtitles issues

Thanks alan!!!

is it not beta? as i have the stable which is and does not update

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Quote from Barough (VSO Freak). :bow:

"All setups that have a version number in the name of the file are considered being a Beta.

Stable Release

Beta Release

a new beta cycle will start,

a new version is available at this link :
version removed , a new version is available

So the last 4 releases have been Betas
.12, .13, .14 & .15"

I was told by VSO themselves that this was a Final. You can look here on their Website, it shows this V as the current.

Hello everyone,

A major CRASH issue was fixed in ConvertXtoDVD.

The next version to be released (with the fix) will be v3.1.0.[B]24[/B]

Available on the ßeta site now, and should be made public soon, if ßeta testers and or VSO don’t find major issues with build 24.

Thanks Alan and VSO

24’s out.

ConvertXtoDVD - - Released the 11th of June 2008

-Fixes a regression on some WMV files
-Fixes sample rate problem on AAC audio stream