ConvertXtoDvd subtitle problem



Although the program sees the subtitles ( 1 Subtitle stream -0 internal, 1 External, No internal subtitle stream, + [en] like , External SRT appears on the program window) on the converter dvd no subtitles appear.
Anyone knows why?
Note that i have tried also previous version with the same result.I can add subtitles using virtualDub or Cucusoft dvd creator


its either 1 of 2 things…i’ve had similar issues

1st:this is a brain dead one but make sure you enable them on your dvd remote or whatever software your using to play the movie

2nd:the subs are corrupt…i’ve had several titles w/ subs that would show up in the convertX window but not play…i ran the subs through VobSub or another sub app if i recall and repaired them…then they showed up

Subtitle workshop i think it was


I opened subtitles with subtitle 2 srt and found errors and used auto correct and now everything is fuctioning properly.
Thanks Nosmartz


anytime :slight_smile:


I would appreciate if you could break that down for me. Just what did you do to get the subtitles so show up please. I have downloaded so many subtitle programs and have not been able to get the subtitles to show up after conversion but is there if I play the same files that have not been coverted yet.


Hi lynnjm31,

You might want to try pressing the “subtitle” button on your remote control

If you need more help you shoudl post a log file of your last conversion with subs.