Convertxtodvd picture upside down

Hello I have convertxtodvd I have a movie encoded with x.264 codec. I tried to play on bsplayer but it plays the picture upside down. Windows media player plays the same movie normally. I tried convertxtodvd but the picture is still upside down. It also effected convertxtodvd the main title is upside down, it’s also converting normal divx movies upside down now. any suggestions. :doh: :sad:

You have some external program that is flipping picture if it is happening with BSplayer too.
If you have FFDShow installed check that it has not flipping video - open video decoder config window, scroll down to “output”. There is as switch for flipping video.

thank you very much. this worked perfectly :clap: :wink: :bow:


You could always flip your monitor over, but that would get annoying :bigsmile: