ConvertX2DVD (size problem)



When i convert a Avi i Downloaded to a dvd everything go’s Fine.

But when i watch the dvd on my tv, the Movie is smaller than the original avi.

That means i cant see The whole movie i only see the middle of the image.

How can i make sure that the size of the original avi, stays the same of the dvd (that i watch on my tv, so i dont miss ~5 cm left and 5 cm right)

Thanks in advance, Sjorzo.

^ What is inside the WHITE SQUARE is what i see on my tv screen the rest of the image is not visable (just added the image to make this post more clear.)



Are you sure that it is exactly that?
Or is just the sides that you are missing?

Check your DVD player settings - it might be sending 16:9 to 4:3 TV.
Or TV has wrong settings, showing zoomed picture.

If you want more help - CxD logs are needed.


Thank you i check that later this afternoon, Also thanks for the quick reply!

~Sjorzo :slight_smile: